Silver Price Chart

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10 Responses to “Silver Price Chart”

  1. SilverCoinNews says:

    There are only 122 left to be sold on the site at the moment. They changed
    the way they release coins it seems. The coin goes unavailable very
    frequently then comes back. I think they’re only putting about 500 on the
    site per day so everyone can have a chance at ordering. Before all the good
    coins would sell out immediately so I’m liking their new system. The
    Griffins are reselling for about $120 right now but once the next coin gets
    released that should rise to $150 easily.

  2. hash glass says:

    got 2 nice coins

  3. SilverCoinNews says:

    you mean you just bought two nice coins?

  4. hash glass says:

    o yea 2 griffins was glad to get them and the perth mint are fast to a

  5. hash glass says:

    plus perth has free shipping on your first order

  6. SilverTemplePIlot says:

    That interview with Piers Morgan and Alex Jones: One of them is a
    self-indulgent ignoramus of epic proportions and the other is an even
    bigger self-indulgent ignoramus. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is

  7. SilverCoinNews says:

    hahaha smashing comment, I’m guessing you agree with my point of view? That
    he’s a self-indulgent ignoramus of epicc eppiiccc proportions? I know a lot
    of people disagree, and I may lose a few readers or subscribers by
    “outting” him but I believe it’s best to tell the truth. Alex is a false
    prophet for the whole “truth movement” and I’m thinking of actually making
    a video regarding this.. when I have some time that is :(

  8. Fin Gold says:

    A major move in the price of gold and silver is not far off.

  9. Sety777 says:

    by the way i just wanted to mention i think waiting to buy silver is risky
    too, waiting for a down move that might not happen. I just buy regardless
    of price.

  10. UniversalCelebrity says:

    Silver Should Be 1/10 Or Higher With Gold…….This 1/52 Is A Sham And
    Will End Once NESARA (The National Economic Security And Reformation Act)
    Goes Into Full Effect ! – I Wish I Had Known That My Dollar Was Only Worth
    2 Cents Long Ago, Long Before The Other Sham (The Housing Bubble) So Many
    Backroom Deals From Our Own Corrupt Lawmakers, That Could Have Easily Ended
    The Greatness Of This Great Nation Without Real Money Finally Taking Root
    Again In 2013 !

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